Yatching Company Office Space

Located in the area of Vouliagmeni, this project was about the renovation of a former bank office space inside a commercial and office center into the new headquarters of Golden Yachts, a top firm in the field of design and hiring of high-end yachts. The main idea of the architectural design was based on the […]

Opal Residences

Nestled within the vibrant and sought-after area of Glyfada in South Attica, Athens, stands our project named “Opal” that seamlessly blends sophistication with modern allure. Its façade is defined by a symphony of smooth yet dynamic curved balconies that gracefully embrace the structure’s silhouette. Complemented by a meticulously crafted interplay of clear geometries, the building […]

Spectrum Residences

Perched within the vibrant heart of Voula, South Attica, stands our residential building “Spectrum” that embodies a harmonious blend of modernity and elegance, distinguished by its captivating interplay of dynamic lines, accentuated by a seamless fusion of clear geometries that define its timeless appeal. From the moment one approaches the building, the well-designed entrance sets […]

Liakou Clinic

For this client, we undertook an extensive renovation combined with a very specific interior design proposal. We responded not only spatially but also functionally and aesthetically to the demands of this dermatological clinic, meeting the expected hygiene requirements in addition to honoring the business identity and philosophy. Working closely with the clients and their teams, […]

Kallithea lofts

For this project, we provided construction drawings as well as visualization for the marketing campaign and the overall project promotion on behalf of the construction company in charge. We worked on multiple scales and did the spatial interior design further to the layout of several apartment units. Our interior design proposal was based on defining […]

Architectural Studio

What defines alpha/sigma as an aesthetic, designing, and building approach, and by which ethos values do we navigate our career paths? These were the axioms that led us to design our very own offices with a totally bespoke look and feel. What we were aiming for -and hopefully achieved- was to demonstrate our practice’s culture […]

Alma Residences

Our next project, located very close to the Hellenikon Metropolitan Park in Hellinikon, is this boutique residence complex. Extremely privileged, concerning the unobstructed view offered mainly from the higher levels, the construction is characterized by a geometrical and aesthetical flow that stands out but simultaneously incorporates the area’s future identity.

Varasovas 58

Alpha/Sigma proudly presents its second completed residential building development in the southern Athens suburb of Glyfada. Varasovas 58 architectural façade successfully balances the elements of transparency and opaqueness throughout its 5-story height. What was important to us here was the overall monolithic, white element that runs through the main facade combined with the concept of […]

Mystra 32

We are proud to introduce you to our very first completed residential project, as Alpha/Sigma, in the Athenian riviera and, more precisely, in the area of Glyfada. It is about an A+ building comprising five luxury apartments with high-end details and chosen materials. Its overall aesthetics is characterized by linear and bold design elements, emphasized […]